Thursday, August 10, 2006

Omni Brain: Door County

Omni Brain: Door County

If your trip to Door County was enjoyable and plan on returning I would be glad to provide some good recommendations on attractions and activities.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Door County Bass Fishing

Serious bass anglers know how good Door County Bass fishing can be. From Mid May to late June even novice anglers can easily land double digit numbers of smallmouth bass. Pros and experienced fishermen can land upwards of 50 nice smallmouth a day.

While nice Triton and Crestliner bassboats can be seen in great numbers all over the Door Peninsual area fancy bass boats are not a must. Plenty of Alumacraft, Smokercraft, and more modest Crestliners will do you proud. Just remember this is big water. We recomend at least about a 17 foot boat.

The great part about the Door County Bass fishing experience is how easy it is to find good fish. Fish relatively shallow, 2 to 12 feet of water.For fishing line to with 8 or 10 pound test. For lures and bait go with the classics, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, flukes, and drop shot rigs will all catch you a mess of smallmouth bass during spring. Once you hit a hotspot fish it hard and don't move on until it dies.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sturgeon Bay, The Winter Fleet is In.

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Now that the Great Lakes are freezing up the "Winter Fleet" in Sturgeon Bay has made its annual arrival. The "boats," and we use the term loosley, are often over 800 feet long. The boats are impressive when berthed in Sturgeon Bay. You may be lucky enough to see these giants underway through the bay. If you do you will be awestruck.

Your best chance to find out what boats are coming and going and when is at

The Great Lakes steamers are schedule for maintenance or repair at Bay Shipbuilding. The St. Clair kicked off the arrival of the winter fleet back on the 29th of December, 2005. Now about half a dozen boats are here. All told about seventeen boats will make port in Sturgeon Bay for a good part of the winter.

If you or someone you know is a nautical fanatic it's a great time to visit Sturgeon Bay. For safety and security reasons the public is not allowed in the shipyard. For a close up view try taking a look from Sunset Park, on 3rd Ave. about 2 miles north of Michigan Street . For a panoramic view take a walk on the Sawyer Park foot path which you can access from the Applebees parking lot at the west end of the Michigan Street Bridge. Or go across the bay to Bullhead point. To get to the point drive north on Duluth Street from hwy 42/57 about 4 miles. Look for the small gravel drive leading to the spit of land sticking out into the bay.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Is Walmart evil part II

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We left off in the last Door County Blog asking the question: Is WALMART exploiting their workers?
The issue of exploitation is a tricky one. One persons idea of exploitation can be vastly different than anothers. What seems like exploitation to an observer may in all likelyhood be an only option for employment by another.

Now we are firmly behind the idea of Union shops and businesses, However how many Union shops are here in Door County? Not many.

Based on low pay and weak benefits is WALMART the only exploiter of Door County workers. Ever wonder how those great Door County cherries, apples, and strawberries get to your table? Ever wonder how your hotel room is kept so spotless?

If you answered: Throught the use of low-skilled, low paid, often seasonal workers you hit the nail on the head. When the orchards are ripe for harvest someone needs to pick that produce. We personally met with many a person dog tired, filthy, hands stained, and hands cut returning from a day in the field.
These are folks that have mouths to feed,few skills, and a strong desire to support themselves. Where is their health plan, 401K, sick leave, retirement package, education pay? Lets see, Um No where! So when we are talking about a company exploiting Door County Workers lets look at every company.

The way we see it WALMART suffers from an illness for which no cure is available. That is pure and unabashed Corporate Greed! Thats right, bottom line at all costs. Anyone that follows the spread of WALMART across America can not help but notice the many "corporate scandals" surrounding the retail giant.

First it was the overseas prisoners producing their goods scandals. Then came the revalation of WALMARTS "free life insurance," where the company itself saw financial gain upon an employees death. Factor in the companys rabid opposition to union shops and you get a major case of Corporate Greed.
We think that some of WALMARTS past business practices were down right immoral, unethical, and highly exploitive. What were these corporate execs thinking? However, it appears that the worst issues were settled. Most likely only through public pressure.

But does this make WALMART an evil exploiter of every community it moves into. Probably not. However it does warrant the significant scrutiny the corporation gets. Lets face it, many of todays most popular business tycoons were not always boyscouts. Henry Ford and the Rockafellers to name just two. If you examine the issues surrounding WALMART it gets pretty hard to see past the hype.

There is no doubt that this is one company that really pulled some bonehead moves in the past. And their worship of the dollar and bottom line will most likely gain them some unwanted but appropriate negative attention in the future.

Lets face it, change happens. Even in Door County. We think those Door County residents fighting giants such as WALMART, Home Depot, K-mart etc.. aleready lost a battle they cannot win. Work with corporations and establish corporate "standards of conduct" they must adhere to if they want to do business in the area.
We are not saying build a K-Mart on the shores of Ephraim. But there is a place for everyone in Door County. There are just too many percieved and real benefits that come along with community growth, if properly monitored.

It is our great hope that issues surrounding the Peninsula's growth will be determined by the entire community.

So to the special interest groups, radicals on both sides of the issue, and trouble makers, Hands Off and Butt Out. Put the all the facts before the people and let them control their communities.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is Walmart Evil

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The mere mention of WALMART in mixed company is sometimes asking for trouble. Perhaps no other corporation today draws such a strong reaction from folks.

Many Union workers and human rights organizations are often quick to paint WALMART as an evil corporation that busts unions, destroys competitors, and exploits the unfortunate.
However just as many hard working folks and business types sing WALMARTS praises, citing job creation and dollar streching.

Chances are that the real story is somewhere inbetween and there are elements of truth in both sides of the argument. As usual.

There is no doubt a Walmart Supercenter in Door County will have far reaching implications for both residents and visitors. Anytime a large "box store" moves in a little bit of small town America dies. A lot of samller local operations can face stiff competition.
On the other hand many middle class families flock to those stores that in truth can and do offer real savings. And some of these shoppers are card carrying union memberss. The promise of more for less is often to great of a draw.

That can have sone serious implications for local businesses often operating on a small profit margin already. And yes, some business will be put out of business. Tragic yes, but the free market is not always a fair market.
So does this make WALMART evil. Hated yes, but probably not evil. Plenty of the large farm and orchard operations have run rough shod over many mom and pop opperations here in Door County.
As for the issue of exploitaiton. That most likely can only be answered by the workers of the company. An amazing number of WALMART employees throw huge ammounts of support behind WALMART.
Look for our next post to get some perspective on Door County workers being exploited

Friday, January 06, 2006

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